Tanjoreart.IN ,The item being handmade the fine design, pattern and color tone of the product may vary slightly from that shown in the image. However, there would not be any compromise in quality.
The form is irrelevant but the divine power that it represents is important. Likewise a fine customized crystal glass shaped linga this set of glass textured linga is so attractive and astonished patterned has ultimate finishing work and its colored ethnic traditional design donning the outer surface 
Brass Golden Brass Ganesh Idol  every 1KG  RS1999
Brass Golden Brass Ganesh Idol every 1KG  RS1999

Brass Krishna

every 1KG  RS1999

Brass Lakshmi

every 1KG  RS1999

Brass Deepa Per KG RS1999

Brass Boil  Per KG RS1999 

Crystal pendant       Rs 999

Brass Per KG RS1999 

Kadapa Black Stone Lord Ganesh 1.5KG RS 1999
Multicolored Flower Patterned Pot shaped ashtray looks gloss Rs 999
Wooden Chess 8 inch Rs 599
Multicolored hand wash  Patterned Pot shaped ashtray looks gloss  Rs 999