Tanjore Art Classes

Our Students  tanjore painting Below 

Bala Leafe Krishna Rs 9999 

Bala Murugan RS 9999

Annapakshi Rs 9999

Bala Ganesha Rs 9999/-

Sri Ganesh Rs 9999

RS 9999

Sri Ganesha Rs 9999/-

Maha Lashhmi Rs 9999

Bala Krishna Rs 8999

RadhaKrishna Rs 12999

Ramar Pattabhishekam Rs 24999

The above Tanjore Painting Done by Our Students.

Price Start from  Rs 7999/-  Board Size 10x8 Size Bala Ganesha ,Annapakshi  

Price Size for 12x10 Rs 9999/-  Bala Ganesha ,Bala Krishna,Lakshmi 

More Bigger Size contact US.

About the Course

TanjoreArts.IN  teach traditional Tanjore painting classes in Hyderabad/Online ZOOM.  Tanjore paintings are miniature and detailed gesso work art and it takes time.


If you have time, dedication and passion to learn this art with eco friendly methods and wish to pass your paintings to generation, do contact us.


We  teach only this art with compassion. I Would love to pass this traditional painting to as many students. If anyone is interested in this particular art please come n enroll. I take only limited students every month to make sure each student attains perfection.


Come and  join today.

All the Tanjore painting materials  will be sent to the student's address through courier.



1) Plywood Board 

2) Cotton White Cloth 

3) Chalk Power 500GM

4) Fevicol 100Gm

5) Arabic Gum 200Gm

6) Gold Foil (6 pages)

7) Poster colors 6

8) Yellow carbon paper 2pages

9) Square Stones (75 to 100 Pics)

10) Round Stones (75 to 100 Pics)

Topics Covered

1. Board making using traditional methods. 

2. Relief work or Gesso work using brush. 

3. Pasting the gold foil

4, Techniques using poster colors

5. Tanjore Art Material FREE  and Size 10x8 Inch's.  

6. Course completion period: 18 to 20  working days[varies person to person]

Who should attend?

Who ever is interested/Having Basic Painting Knowledge  to learn this majestic traditional art and have lots of patience.


Patience and perseverance to get it right.

Interested/Having Basic Painting Knowledge 

Tanjore painting classes in Hyderabad/Online  on ZOOM


Tanjore painting materials for Classes

ONLINE Payment


Sri Ganesh Rs 8999


1. Introduction & History of Thanjavur Art Form

2. Introduction of Tanjore Painting Materials

3. Tanjore Painting material preparation

4. Board Preparation

5. Making of Tanjore Painting Sketch by using Grid System (Without using carbon paper)

6.  Muck Paste Preparation Method

7.  Muck Work Techniques

8. Jaipur Gemstone Stone Sticking method

9. Base Filling Method Size 15x12 Inches.

10. Stone Cleaning Method

11. Designing Cone Work

12. Gold Foiling Work

13. Gold Foil Removing Work

14. Coloring & Final Finishing

15. Support for 3 months.

16. Fees Structure:

3000/- Registration Fees


12000/- Course Fees-