Tanjoreart.IN  Price List and delivered 15 to 20days

Dimensions & Price      

12x10 in – Rs.7,000.00 – with frame 15x13 in

15x12 in – Rs.9,500.00 – with frame 18x15 in

18x14 in – Rs.12,000.00 – with frame 21x17 in

20x16 in – Rs.14,000.00 – with frame 24x20 in

24x18 in – Rs.19,000.00 – with frame 28x22 in

30x24 in – Rs.35,000.00 – with frame 34x28 in

36x24 in – Rs.45,000.00 – with frame 40x28 in

48x36 in – Rs.90,000.00 – with frame 54x42 in

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India’s most favorite gifting brand

India’s most favorite gifting brand in retail and bulk gifting, exclusively aims at satisfying your various gifting needs. www.tanjorearts.in offers a wide range of about 1000+ gifts across various categories in premium gifts, utility gifts, return gifts, and corporate gifts that are of supreme quality to meet your various requirements for all of your occasions. Every masterpiece from www.tanjorearts.in is made in India and specifically curated with love and passion for handicrafts.

Payment details.

1. Please note any advances paid towards www.TanjoreArts.in products cannot be refunded after the work has commenced

2. If for any reason, once the order commences, if there is any discrepancy between the customer and WWW.TANJOREARTS.IN ,   reserves a right to return the full advance for such customers for their orders. The order then stands cancelled immediately. WWW.TANJOREARTS.IN reserves the right to refuse future work for such customers too. 

3.  The process for placing a customized order is as follows: The pre invoice is sent to customer with all the order details. After every detail is verified and the advance amount is paid, the invoice is sent to the customer for verification via email. Once this is verified and confirmed by the customer by reply email, then the work commences. From this point on the order is final. We will not be able to make any modification to the work in between. 

4. We do not share work in progess pictures as webeleive in givign artists their space and freedom to work. We do not like to stress them in any way and hence prefer to give them time to complete their work, especially those that work with god pictures. Once the product is ready,a photo of the product will be shared with the customer. At this time, the customer can check the same and suggest any minor enhancements to the painting and the artist will do it if possible. We strive for customer satisfaction as it gives the Chaya team immense happiness. 

5. Once the painting is completed and framed,an email will be sent to close the final amount payable.Once the balance is paid, this will be ready for delivery. Please see our shipping link for shipping details.

INTERNATIONAL CUSTOMERS (for those who dont have a bank account in India)

We have listed a couple of options below that we are comfortable with.  Please do email us at vutvsreeni@gmail.com for any clarifications. If you would like to gift your family and friends with something from WWW.TANJOREARTS.IN, do let us know....we would love to be a part of it :) 


Xoom online money transfer has been a great favorite of all our USA (and other NRI) customers. Xoom is owned by PayPal and hence is very safe. The amount also comes in immediately into our account thereby making the next delivery process really quick. 

Process for Xoom ONLY: 

Please sent the screen short to whats apps  admin after payment